Oferta de Invernaje

Despues de la temporada alta el Varadero está tranquilo y todo está listo para el invernaja de su embarcación. Solicite se presupuesto para invernaje ahora, con antifouling incluído.

Getting the «WELL» ready

Full service for this beatifull Oceanis40 sailing boat

Doing some work

Towing motorboat for repair and engine preparation.

Sealine Owners Club

Welcome all Sealine Owners, to your own section of our new website. This section is just for you, to help keep you up to date with all News "Sealine" and up and coming events. If you would like for us to add anything that you feel may be…

Cruise to Ibiza

Varadero Marina Salinas working hard to get some of our Sealine boats ready for this years Owners Cruise to Ibiza.